Sunday, September 14th

Sweet.. How I Met Your Mother on Nick@Nite


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Friday, September 12th

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sext: whats ur favorite ted talk

Wednesday, September 10th

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Imagine if you walked into an elevator and you see Ray Rice and Solange. You’d be fucked.


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When faced with tough decisions and hard times I ask myself two questions. The first is what would Kobe Bryant do. The second is what would Kanye West do. After I ponder about these questions I will have my answer.

Tuesday, September 9th

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I wish the iPhone 6 was just a larger iPhone 5s. I mean it’s not awful looking but the 5s looks great all around. The back of the 6 looks ugly and that bezel is large. I guess it doesn’t matter because there will be a case anyways. I’m just glad Apple finally made a larger phone.


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Is it just me or did a lot of people get married this summer? And when I say people I mean people who are close to me. I wonder if this is just a normal thing to experience when you start entering your mid-twenties.


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I keep calling these craigslist ads that are advertising free weights but they all want money for them. Shit doesn’t make sense. Is there some kind of inside joke I’m not on?


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They need to really punish Ray Rice for his actions. Like making him take the stairs for the rest of his life and banning him from elevators completely.

Sunday, August 31st

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UFC 177 was pretty good. Pretty much no name-brand fighters and certainly no one I wanted to see but it had solid fights all around.

Saturday, August 30th

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Friday, August 29th

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Wednesday, August 27th

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Joe Rogan vs. The ICE Spill [@ 0:31]


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