Friday, August 29th

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Wednesday, August 27th

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Joe Rogan vs. The ICE Spill [@ 0:31]


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Tuesday, August 26th

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Brock Lesnar addresses his Night of Champions rematch against John Cena

What an amazing promo. When he does an UFC style promo he just kills it. Everything that he says just sounds so authentic. I legitimately believe he gives the best promos in the company. Whether its UFC or WWE Brock Lesnar is just an entertaining motherfucker. I just hope the WWE doesn’t end up having Cena go over at Night of Champions.

Wednesday, August 20th

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If my life wasn’t so dull right now I would make this the quote on my instagram

If my life wasn’t so dull right now I would make this the quote on my instagram

Monday, August 18th

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Honestly after beating the streak and dominating Cena. The only person I would believe that could take the championship from Lesnar is Cain Velasquez.


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It must have been awkward for Seth Rollins and Stephanie McMahon when they both walked into SummerSlam wearing the same costume.


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I just finished watching SummerSlam and wow that was the most dominate championship win I have ever seen. John Cena got his ass whooped. I mean that was the most realistic looking WWE match that I have seen. As a John Cena hater I speak for all of us when I say that was the beating that we have been looking forward to for a long time.


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Friday, August 15th

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Monday, August 11th

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A year ago I received two or three emails from Tumblr about copyright infringement because of songs that I supposedly posted. And the funny thing is it would give me a list of artists and/or songs I supposedly posted and they were from artists that I was not even a fan of and I certainly didn’t post any of their songs. Anybody else get these emails? So basically I stopped posting songs all together.

Sunday, August 10th

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Kat Williams isn’t really funny. He’s funny in the way that your friends would be funny if they started ranting about something in a comedic way. He’s not funny like Dave Chappelle or Kevin Hart.

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